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Interested in being a part of the Maple Street Biscuit Company team?

Before you fill out an application, let us share a little insight. It’s not always easy getting into the Maple Street team, but when you do, you are a part of something special – part of being a family. A family who strives to work hard together, make a difference in our community, and become more than just a restaurant. We are centered on a few core values, with a guiding value of gracious service. We are committed to showing grace by serving others, including both our guests and our team members. Becoming part of the family, we expect you to understand and help us further pursue our core values. As a team member, you’re expected to be responsible, punctual, professional, to take initiative, to take pride in what you do, and most importantly, to grow with us while having fun.

If all of this sounds like something you’d be interested in taking part in print off an application and bring it to your neighborhood store!

If you’re interested in joining the team in a bigger capacity, we encourage you to watch this video!

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