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Field to Fork

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If you haven’t been following us on social media, you may not know that we recently started featuring salads. We didn’t want to just sell any salad; we wanted to sell a good salad in a unique way. Our Field to Fork features three fresh glass jar salads. Every salad comes with a veggie biscuit […]


Maple Street Story: Brad Cummings Old City


Sometimes life is funny, but you already knew that, didn’t you? What’s really funny is going from enjoying a delicious Five, to being one of the Community Leaders in Maple Street. Well that’s the very brief version to Brad Cummings story. Brad is our community leader to our recently opened location in the Old City […]


Food Network Feature!


Remember that one time we were featured on THE Food Network? A day we’ll never forget! If you haven’t had the opportunity, please check Food Network’s site to view our feature on their show called, Guilty Pleasures!


St. Augustine OPEN 12/22/2015


  St. Augustine location will be open December 22! 39 Cordova Street St.Augustine, Florida 32084


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