It starts with an amazing team, 

who love coffee & are passionate about the art of coffee roasting. We secure the finest Arabica beans from Central & South America. We roast the beans FRESHLY each week and bring them to your local Community Store to be ground fresh daily

Employee picking up sack of raw coffee beans to prepare them for roasting
Two employees standing next to coffee roaster at Maple Street Coffee's Jacksonville, Florida facility
Roasted coffee beans pouring out of coffee roaster at Maple Street Coffee's Jacksonville Florida facility
Man holding coffee mug with Maple Street Biscuit Company logo on it
Four varieties of Maple Street Coffee: Dark Bark, Light Amber, Maple Tap & Decaf


Our Maple Tap coffee available in convenient K-cups for your single-serve coffee brewer system.

photo of Maple Street Biscuit Company's Box of Maple Tap Coffee K cups


This “single origin” (not a blend) coffee is from Colombia. A low acid coffee provides earthy notes of wood & smoke, while maintaining a smooth yet heavy body. Because this coffee is roasted to a “full city” roast (dark), it has a lower amount of caffeine


Maple Tap is made by using the same beans with the same profile as Dark Bark, while adding maple flavoring. This process not only adds a distinct aroma, but a sweet taste of maple on the finishof an already amazing cup of coffee.

Maple Street Coffee's Maple Tap blend - 16oz bag of whole roasted beans


A well-rounded blend of coffees from Brazil and Guatemala. The Brazil brings sweet and nutty tones to the flavor while the Guatemalan adds hints of smoke and cocoa. These beans are “pre-blended” which means that they are mixed together before they are roasted.

Maple Street Coffee's Light Amber blend - 16oz bag of whole roasted beans


A water washed decaf, meaning that there were absolutely no chemicals used in the decaffeination process, from Mexico. Being that it is water washed, all of the natural flavors are allowed to surface without a chemical after taste.

Maple Street Coffee Decaf whole bean coffee in a 16 oz bag

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