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Store hours based on the usual store hours. Check out the Locations page to be sure your store keeps the same hours!


Maple Street Story: Michael Burden FSU

When Maple Street’s first store opened in San Marco, one of their goals was to reach a community. To be more than just a restaurant, but be a place where relationships are built. It’s crazy the countless stories you’ll hear about team members and even guests that have something to say or a connection to […]


Maple Street Story: City Center’s Zeke Arter


They say life is made up of a million little moments that happen to you along the way—short blips in time that can later define your future without you even realizing it. That’s exactly what happened to Zeke Arter, the partner at our Chattanooga community store. It’s all because of a chance meeting between his […]


Tallahassee Store Opens May 27th


1600 West Call St Tallahassee, FL 32304 850 391 9512


Maple Street Story: Murray Hill’s Chelsea Harrelson


When Chelsea Harrelson walked into the first-ever Maple Street Biscuit Company in San Marco for a job interview, she told the nice man she met, if hired, she would not be there long. She just wanted to see how someone goes about opening a restaurant. Three years later, Chelsea runs her own store, and she […]


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