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Making biscuits at the Maple Street Biscuit Company's Gunbarrel store

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Community Leader 

Angelica Cruz 


I've been a fan of Maple Street since 2014. I worked in Jacksonville Beach as a Guest Services Leader and Bridal Coordinator for a salon. My day always began early, as I opened the salon nearly every day. I wanted something different for breakfast and ventured into Maple Street one morning. I was immediately greeted and the Community Leader went into great detail about the menu with me. This honestly caught me by surprise that he would take the time to do such a thing. I had A LOT of questions. I ended up becoming an instant fan, and ate there EVERY morning. I soon became pregnant with my daughter and Maple Street was my daily morning craving. The Five and Dime holds a very special place in my heart, and I love it with maple syrup drizzled on top! After having my daughter, I was the surrogate for a family and was carrying twins. Going from my usual coffee every morning at 7am, to one day saying "no coffee today" had my friends at Maple Street curious (and shocked). I let them know I was pregnant with twins and couldn't have caffeine due to being high risk. I came back a few weeks later and without thinking ordered a coffee and was met by a "Oh really!". I had suffered a miscarriage a few days before, and honestly, the only thing that I knew would make me feel better was a Five and Dime. When I let them know what had happened a few days prior, I was met with very sincere condolences and told, "Go sit down. I'm taking care of you today." My breakfast was paid for, and I had company during my meal for someone to talk to and cry to. It was in that moment that I truly knew there was something different about this restaurant.

Maple Street Biscuit Company's Sherrill Hill Community Leader Angelica Cruz

A few months later, I came to the conclusion that a change needed to happen. I decided that St. Petersburg would be my new home. I was sad that I would no longer have Maple Street, but knew I needed to make a change for the sake of myself and my daughter's well being. Not long after moving, I received the best news ever. MAPLE. STREET. WAS. COMING. TO. ST. PETE. I cried out of excitement (no exaggeration). Things in St. Pete were not as dreamy as I had imagined. Being far away from family was hard, and the job market was... difficult. I had applied everywhere. At one point, I was working five part-time jobs, nannying and attending real estate school at night just to make ends meet and try to create a better life. When I was nearly at rock bottom, my best friend messaged Maple Street on a whim, curious as to when the store would be opening. We needed comfort food and just a good atmosphere. The company Facebook page messaged back, saying they were set for December but still in need of a Community Leader and if she knew anyone to send them that way. I remember the two of us just looking at each other and saying, "This is it ...this is what you've been looking for!" I had been rpaying nonstop for a good place to call home, and work for, and this was the answer to my prayers. I immediately messaged the company page, found the job posting on LinkedIn and messaged Tara. Everything continued to fall into place. From my conversations with Tara, to my confronting reality at the San Marco, everything felt natural. Everyone was so warm and inviting and I was simply SO happy.

This opportunity is a dream come true for me. I am so honored to have been chosen to lead the St. Petersburg restaurant and honestly, so grateful. I could't have asked for anything better.

Favorite Dish: The Five and Dime with a side of maple syrup to drizzle on top. Also, the mac n cheese, YUM!

Fun Fact: I love to do special effects makeup! Hallowwen is always a blast at our house!


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