Robyn’s Pecan Pies


We’ve decided to take the opportunity in this news section of our home page to start sharing stories and history of Maple Street with our guests. We think, if it interests us and makes us love being a part of Maple Street more, then our guests would love knowing as well. For our very first post, we thought it only fitting to introduce you to Ms. Robyn, whose pecan pies have become quite famous in all of our stores. We know from working in all of the stores how delicious they are, but we figured spending an afternoon baking in her home, we could find out why she loved baking pies and how they got onto the menu.


Let me officially introduce you to Ms. Robyn. She is the wife of Maple Street’s owner and founder, Scott Moore. Let me just tell you that our afternoon baking – well, watching Robyn bake – was so much fun. We were reminded of our culture and got to hear all the fun stories from her point of view on opening up Maple Street. If being the wife of the owner and founder doesn’t give you any inclination as to what it was like, let us just say, it was hard. There were many long days of baking and cooking. We have to applaud her for all her hard work, even in the very beginning, when Maple Street was just a thought.

Robyn’s love for baking pies didn’t just occur in the past couple of years, it started while she was growing up in Indiana. Her mother would make pies for her father once or twice a week. She says she still does this and her father still eats them all up. When it was time for Robyn and her sister to learn how to make pies,  it became very difficult. Not that they weren’t  both naturals at baking, but her mother never measured anything! Her and her sister worked extra hard to figure out the proper measurements. You know those pies probably tasted extra delicious after all of that hard work. Since it’s on the menu, we had to ask if pecan pie must be her favorite pie to make. Nope! Apple pie is her absolute favorite pie to bake and eat. What gives? Where’d the pecan pie come from? She quickly let us know that Mr. Scott’s favorite pie to eat is pecan pie. Of course it is! We had so much fun baking, talking about Maple Street, listening to life stories, and deciding whether pecan pie is better eaten cooled off or right out of the oven. Take a look through our afternoon.

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We know, our mouths have started to water too. Robyn’s pecan pies can be found in all of the stores. If you need a larger pecan pie, let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to make one. We especially love those orders around Thanksgiving and Christmas time.