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Interior view of Maple Street Biscuit's dining room featuring the community table
The Hub/service counter at Maple Street Biscuit's Killearn store
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Meet Your 

Community Leader 

Garrett Phillips 

The Tale of a Biscuit Boy Becoming Community Leader


My Maple Street story started back in 2014 when I first visited the San Marco location with my girlfriend Delaney and her family. I remember waiting in line and asking if anyone knew why the Ambassadors were asking folks what their favorite animal was. As we got to the front I was so indecisive. I ended up ordering a retro chicken, egg, and cheese, which I quickly learned was a mistake because of all of the other amazing options. They asked us the question and I quickly blurted out “a Liger!” The whole experience was incredible, with the community style seating and the fun unique menu, Gus even came and sat with us and let us try the chicken and dumplings we were testing out at the time. I found it remarkable how they took a great concept and made it personable and interactive so that the guest really felt they were at home. It became very clear that this company was on a mission to really impact daily lives.


About a year later I moved up to Jacksonville for the summer to live with Delaney and her family before school started over in Tallahassee. Both of us needed jobs so we thought why not try Maple Street? I already had a background in the food industry, my parents owned fast casual sub shops in the Birmingham area for most of my child hood and when I became old enough to get a job I ended up working at a sub restaurant. To say the least I knew my way around a sandwich. Delaney on the other hand had had a few jobs before but none in the food industry. We quickly learned that Maple Street was not looking for people with previous experience in the industry, they were looking for the most gracious and genuine people they could find. Gus explained the core principals and stated our mission,apparently we made the cut because here I am today! I learned how to make the beautiful buttery biscuits and how to be an expert at cleaning some dishes, while Delaney took to the ambassador position as the face of front of house. Gus had mentioned that we were opening a store in Tallahassee and neither of us had jobs yet over here and we were enjoying the environment and gladly accepted to transfer over at the end of the summer.


We both moved to Tallahassee and began working under Michael Burden at the FSU location.With Michael as our fearless leader, we both excelled at new positions and began to conquer FSU football Saturdays. I eventually worked my way up to assistant community leader after Michael left to Lead the new Killearn Store that was opening up. Brandon Waller became community leader and took me under his wing. As we continued to grow the store and myself as a person, I was beginning to feel that I could do something more for this company. Eventually after helping our St Petersburg location open up in April 2018, I was offered the opportunity to be the community leader at the Killearn location.I was leery at first. My heart was in the kitchen, but something told me that I needed to grow as a person and venture outside of my comfort zone. I took the job, ready to go out and serve a new community. With Neo who I had previously worked with at the FSU store as my right-hand man, we are ready to go out and see how many people lives we can become a part of.

Maple Street Biscuit Company's Killearn Community Leader Garrett Phillips


Help people. Serve others. 

Be a part of the community. 


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