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Rolling out biscuit dough at Maple Street Biscuit Company's Hardin Valley store
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Meet Your 

Community Leader 

Scott LeBlanc

I’ve spent much of my life moving around from city to city, state to state before settling down in Knoxville, TN. My life has been a series of unintended paths and divine nudges that I never have considered.

In college, a job in retail helped create a spark that would later emerge into a flame. While in school, life events caused a change in direction, and I ended up following a passion surrounded by animals. But then in 2007, I had an opportunity to join Starbucks. It was here that the spark became a flame, and I discovered my true passion. My passion to enrich the lives others, to help them find their lives journey. I had the opportunity to impact the lives of so many in different communities.

But the past couple of years, I found that something was missing. I no longer felt like I was where I was meant to be. I took some time to reflect on my current situation. It was during this reflection that I discovered that Maple Street was looking for a community leader. I recalled a couple years ago that I had considered them when they first came to Knoxville, but I was not ready for Maple Street yet.

One of my life philosophies is that everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences. So, I decided to explore the option. I got a glimpse of Maple Street through my conversations with Tara. But it was really my confronting reality that showed me the heart and soul of Maple Street. It was with Emilee and her team at St. Augustine that I had finally found that missing piece I so longed for – Family. In so many ways, they changed my life and renewed my faith in what I believe in for which I will be eternally grateful.

I spend my days helping people find their true paths. It is who I am; it is what I do. The Maple Street family gives me the opportunity to live my passion every single day. So, stop in and share your story, because it’s our connection to each other that truly makes us human.


Help people. Serve others. Be a part of the community. 

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