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interior photo of the Downtown Savannah Maple Street taken from the mezzanine dining area
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Display of coffee mugs at the Maple Street Downtown Savannah location
Photo of interior of the Downtown Savannah Maple Street Biscuit location
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Meet Your 

Community Leader 

Christina Cocita 

My name is Christina Cocita and I am a very blessed daughter, sister, wife and mother. I grew up mainly on the West Coast. I went to college in California where I obtained my Masters Degree in Psychology. I was convinced I wanted to become a counselor. I have always had a heart for conversation, and listening to people. I spent 5 years in non-profits serving Veterans, low-income families, and at risk youth. My favorite thing about each position was listening to the stories of the individuals. I was living in San Diego, California when I met my husband. Our favorite thing to do together was try new places to eat, go long board skating, and be in conversation and community together. It wasn’t long after that, that I realized conversation and doing life with people is part of the heartbeat of who I am, and who I was designed to be. I feel my heart and prior life experience lead my straight to the arms of Maple Street. When I was graciously given the opportunity to be the Savannah Community Leader for Maple Street Biscuit Company I was in awe. I am thankful that I get to call Savannah my community, and have conversation with thousands of people. If I could have written a perfect job description for who I am, this would be it. From the day I started at Maple Street it has always felt like family.

photo of Maple Street Downtown Savannah Community Leader Christina Cocita


Help people. Serve others. Be a part of the community. 


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