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photo of Maple Street coffee mugs lined up inside the City Center location
photo of the Hub service counter at the City Center location
photo of the interior with the community table at the City Center location
photo of the wooden entrance doors for the City Center Maple Street location

Meet Your 

Community Leader 

Kimberly Beeler 

My Maple Street Journey begins in August of 2014, during the weeks just before the City Center location opened. I had never heard of Maple Street Biscuit Company before, nor did I ever picture myself working in a restaurant; nor did I ever think that the people that I would meet through Maple Street would become the kind of friends where you forget they aren’t actually family. Life is little things and it is through little things that God directed my way to where I am now. Looking back, I can see God’s hand in setting everything in motion to bring me to the Maple Street Family. Zeke was getting ready to open the City Center location and was looking for team members for his store. He had written a post on Facebook seeking out “shining faces” to hire to his team. Zeke’s wife, Shanda,shared his post. My older sister had worked with Shanda some time before and was Facebook friends with her. As a little girl, I remember Scott Moore and his family from when we attended the same church.Through a mutual friend of the Moore’s, it was recommended that I come in for an interview. I remember they were still building things in the kitchen when I came in to interview with Scott Moore. As I never saw myself in the food industry, I was hesitant to accept the job at first. After prayer I accepted, and I have never looked back. Near the end of 2014, Zeke offered me an assistant manager position which I accepted. When Zeke opened the Gunbarrel store last summer, I took over the City Center store. Maple Street is so much more than a job, it’s about the people that I have met along the way and the guests that we get to serve. People open their hearts over food, and it is so fun to share a part in their lives and stories.

photo of Kimberly Beeler - community leader of the City Center/Chattanooga location


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